Earth & Eats – Go Vegan for the Animals

Palitana is now the first city in the world to ban animal slaughter completely.

If you are wondering if you should go vegan you may want to watch this great video from Earth & Eats about the world’s first 100% vegetarian city in southern Gujarat, India. You may wanna check some of the other vegan resources. Changing your diet and habits doesn’t have to be hard and it is beneficial for your overall health. What we eat is who we are. You put live food in your body you feel alive. A proper diet could reduce the number of chronic diseases and improve the immune system. This blog is focused on helping people and encouraging them to at least try a new diet and decide for themselves and see the benefits. 


It’s not only farm animals that suffer at the hands of the agricultural industry, but also and wild animals. Every year billions of animals have been killed all over the world. If you like the video don’t forget to click like and subscribe to their channel on Vimeo.

Did you watch the Earth & Eats documentary movie about going vegan?

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