Kitchen Hacks

Kitchen Hacks

Kitchen Hacks can help us not just save time but be more organized and productive. In this section, I will be added different useful kitchen hacks that helped me and I hope they can help you as well.

Kitchen Hacks

Use vinegar in the dishwasher

Instead of using a dishwasher rinse agent, you can use plain white vinegar. You are not only using an environmentally friendly and cheaper alternative to the traditional dishwasher rinse agent but you are also saving money since white vinegar is really cheap and it helps keep away spots from forming.

Preventing container flip-out

Here is a clever trick to keep plastic storage containers from turning over and filling with water during the wash cycle in the dishwasher. Place them on the middle rack of the dishwasher facing down and set a wire rack on top. The nice thing about this rack is that presses and keeps the containers in the same position while the soapy water can flow through.

Band your bags

In order to prevent your kitchen garbage bag to slip down inside the trash can, you can use to tie around the trash can a lightweight bungee cord, just remember to remove it before taking the trash otherwise you can damage your trash bag.

Cleaning up spills

We all know that spills in the kitchen while you are cooking and experimenting with recipes can happen at any time. Here’s another clever trick from the kitchen hacks section for keeping counters tidy. You can use a small baking sheet from a toaster oven as a dustpan and sweeping spilled food onto it for disposal.