In order to get cooking, there are some basic preparation skills you need to have to prepare the ingredients and know some tips for the best results.
Preparation Rinsing fruits tips

Preparation for cooking requires some basic skills you need to have. Below are a few examples and tips for the best results.

Cooking Preparation and Tips


To get rid of pesticides, grit, and germs is always a good idea to rub gently vegetables and fruit under cool running water before consuming them. You can also use a brush or sponge to easily and quickly do this without wasting too much water.

Beans and grains should be always rinsed to remove dirt and other foreign matter.


The term trimming means removing any damaged or inedible parts before using fruit or veggie, using a knife. The best way to prevent any injures is to put it on a cutting board and cut it away from you to avoid hurting yourself.

For most produce, remove any bruised areas and any tough outer leaves. Cut off parts like cores, stems, and blossom ends.


All you need to remove unwanted or tough skins is a vegetable peeler and paring knife. The best way for thick-skinned vegetables and fruit is first to cut a piece off one side so you have a flat, stable surface and then use a cutting board and a paring or chef’s knife to cut the peel off. Hold the fruit or vegetable in your hand, in order to peel away skins from it, and with your other hand pulling a vegetable peeler toward you to scrape off the skin.

Cutting into Chunks

If there are no specific requirements, you’ll always start by cutting the food into large pieces with a couple of inches large, but usually, the recipe instructions can give you more details. It is a good idea to cut the food into chunks, around the same size and thickness so that they not only will cook evenly, but it will be easier to eat when raw.


As long as the food is cut into roughly the same size pieces, it will cook evenly. Steady the tip with your free hand and use a rocking motion, pivoting as you chop through/up the food. If the items are too large, first trim and peel the food as needed and cut it into manageable chunks.


Mincing is chopping until you get teeny pieces. In most cases, you’ll need to do this just for ginger, garlic, and chiles.


You can cut food into slices before or after cooking, but vegetables usually are sliced before cooking.

Did you try any of these preparation tips for your recipe?

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